School Uniforms

Our school uniforms are provided by Flynn & O'Hara.

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Dress Code:

Pre-K and Kindergarten:

School gym uniform (t-shirt, sweat pants, sweat shirt, shorts)


Grades 1 - 6:

Boys: Navy pants w/ belt
White or blue knit shirt w/ embroidered emblem
Black dress shoes
Navy cardigan (optional)


Girls: Blue Plaid Jumper
Round Collar white or blue blouse
Gray, white or navy knee socks or tights
Black or navy dress shoes
Navy sweater (optional)


Grades 7 – 8

Boys: Gray pants w/belt
White or blue dress shirt w/ gray tie
Black dress shoes
Navy cardigan or vest (optional)

Girls: Blue Plaid skirt
Round collared white or blue blouse
Navy vest
Gray or white knee socks or tights
Black or navy shoes


Gym uniform with sneakers is to be worn on days of Physical Education classes only.


Hair must be neat and well groomed and of one natural color with no designs or lettering.
Jewelry is to be avoided with the exception of watches and religious items which must be worn inside the shirt. A single post earring is permitted.

Dress Down Days

A variety of special Dress Down Days are held throughout the school year, often to raise funds for a specific mission or cause. Information on these days is communicated o the students in school and also to the parents through Option C. All Dress Down Days are optional.

NUT Cards

Students can earn NUT (No Uniform Today) cards for service to the school.