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The Aquinas Honor Society

Students inducted into the Aquinas Honor Society demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, character and service, and are committed to applying what they will learn to the betterment of humanity, the success of the organization of which they will be apart, and to the enhancement of social life and society as a whole.


The students inducted receive an Aquinas Society Pin and pledge to maintain the high academic and leadership standards set forth by the organization and to serve as examples for the achievement of excellence. They promise to work toward the achievement, purposes and goals as set down by the honor society.

The Aquinas Honor Society was started by the late Reverend Monsignor Puglisi, former Vicar for Education and Superintendent of Schools. Its goal is to provide academic enrichment opportunities for top students. The ICCA Aquinas Society of Jamaica Estates was established in 2004 and includes students in grades six through eight. Our Saintly Patron is Thomas Aquinas and our Historic Patron is Jacob Riis.


The Aquinas Society has worked diligently over the years to create new and exciting projects. They have won numerous grants and published a number of books. Click here for a complete list of the Society's accomplishments!

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